Innovation, providing integrated solutions, and smooth performance are what distinguish Tracom.
Here are the most important services performed by our amazing device.


Discover the seamless harmony between innovation and functionality with our advanced Over-the-Air (OTA) services. By synchronizing Tracom devices with our sophisticated SCMS (Safee Configuration Management System), your fleet gains an edge in performance and adaptability. As we delve deeper, you’ll uncover the powerful integration of OTA and SCMS, unveiling a suite of features designed to elevate your fleet’s capabilities.

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Experience fleet management reimagined through our user-friendly SCMS portal. More than a  platform, it’s your hub for strategic control, enabling fine-tuning of geofencing files and  customization of configuration  parameters. Organize devices, optimize performance, and harness SCMS’s extensive capabilities to steer your fleet towards operational efficiency.



(overspeed against geofences)

Craft precision within your fleet’s operational realm with geofencing files. Seamlessly merge KML files with customized speed categories, creating a tailored geofencing experience. Explore KMLO files for synchronizing configuration data across devices, amplifying efficiency across your fleet.


(Tracom XML file)

Empower your fleet with Configuration Files through our SCMS portal. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive XML file, encompassing a spectrum of possible events. Tailor your fleet’s behavior by choosing to retain default settings or personalizing editable events and parameters to match your precise requirements. Notably, the device offers unmatched configurability, skillfully handling even the most intricate configurations to cater precisely to your individualized needs. Once you’ve fine-tuned your XML file, deployment is a breeze. Swiftly send updates to an entire group of devices, ensuring consistency across your fleet, or opt for devices to request updates at their convenience, ensuring seamless transitions.


Ensure your fleet is always up-to-date with our daily synchronization between our Tracom devices and SCMS. Our OTA service offers seamless communication between the devices and SCMS, ensuring that your fleet remains at its peak performance without any disruptions Receive the latest enhancements, configuration updates, and firmware enhancements effortlessly, enabling your fleet to stay ahead in the industry. Trust our regular firmware updates to keep your fleet performing at its best, delivering exceptional esults and achieving your business goals.

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Experience real-time convenience like never before with our SMS messaging system. Effortlessly configure specific  parameters via simple text messages, granting you unmatched agility in managing  your fleet. Join us in redefining fleet management through innovation, precision, and unwavering  support. Elevate your fleet’s potential with Over-the-Air configuration, SCMS mastery, and  real-time SMS  adjustments. Discover the future of fleet management – your future, realized today.



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