your premier provider of top-notch telematics and fleet management solutions. Our range of features is designed to empower your business with advanced technologies and data-driven insights, ensuring optimal efficiency, safety, and control over your fleet. Explore our comprehensive features tailored to meet your unique fleet management needs.


1. Real-Time Insights With Second-To-Second Data Collection

Experience real-time insights with our advanced data collection capabilities. Tracom device records speed, acceleration, and digital inputs/outputs every second, gathering data from various sensors to provide you with precise and up-to-date information to make data-driven decisions.

2. Driver Monitoring with Voice Alerts

Prioritize driver safety with our comprehensive driver monitoring system. Tracom device records driver behavior, including geofenced over-speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and seat belt statues against speed limit. To further enhance safety on the road, our system includes Voice Alerts. In real-time, our device notifies drivers if they exhibit any of the monitored risky behaviors, prompting them to correct their actions and drive responsibly.


3. Robust Asset Protection with Tamper Alert

Safeguard your valuable assets with our tamper alert scenario. Tracom device can instantly notifies you of any attempt to tamper with the Tracom device, ensuring the utmost security for your fleet and cargo. With our tamper alert scenario, you can stay one step ahead of potential threats and maintain the integrity of your assets. Rest assured that your fleet is well-protected and any unauthorized access is immediately detected, allowing you to take swift actions to preserve the safety and security of your operations.

4. Panic Alert for Emergency Situations

Enhance driver safety and well-being with our panic alert scenario, putting drivers security at the forefront of our telematics solutions. Empower your drivers to trigger an emergency alert swiftly in case of unforeseen situations. During the panic alert scenario, it enables prompt responses to emergencies, allowing you to take immediate action to ensure the safety and security of your drivers. With our panic alert feature, you can proactively address unexpected events and demonstrate your commitment to driver welfare, fostering a safer and more secure fleet environment.


5. Advanced Fleet Control with Geofencing

Elevate your fleet management with our advanced geofencing feature. Seamlessly manage routes and operations, creating 4000 virtual boundaries around areas like depots and warehouses. Gain real-time control over assets, proactively responding to deviations or unauthorized movements. Customize speed limits for different time periods, prioritizing safety and behavioral improvements. Our device can generate voice alerts during a customized grace period, guiding drivers and notifying fleet managers. Tailor the grace period to your policies and operational needs, thanks to the flexibility of our configuration options. Receive instant notifications when vehicles enter or exit these zones, streamline route planning, and enhance overall fleet management efficiency and optimize your fleet through our powerful geofencing capabilities.

6. Enhanced Vehicle Security and Authorization

Experience heightened vehicle security and precise authorization control with our cutting-edge immobilization feature. Tracom device boasts a capacious storage capacity, accommodating a substantial number of access keys for drivers—up to 1000 access keys. This comprehensive system ensures that solely authorized personnel can operate the vehicle, significantly mitigating the risk of unauthorized use and bolstering the safeguarding of your invaluable assets. Our robust immobilization technology ensures strict access control, instilling a profound sense of confidence and peace of mind in your fleet management endeavors.


7. Efficient Storage for Uninterrupted Tracking

In remote areas or during network coverage blockage, our intelligent storage feature ensures data is preserved for approximately a week. This safeguard ensures continuous tracking and uninterrupted data collection. Rest easy knowing that crucial fleet information will be securely stored and available when network connectivity is restored. With our efficient storage solution, you can confidently manage your fleet operations without worrying about data loss or disruptions.



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